What Firm Owners are saying

I very much like how easy this survey tool is. It took no time at all to begin using in our firm.
- Carol Para-Little, President

It is very easy to use . . . I believe you have a winner.
- John Guest, Principal

What Team Leaders are saying

I could not imagine trying to run a design firm of more than three or four people without this tool.
- Mark Sweibinz, President Barton Develpoment Group, Raleigh, NC

Its really powerful – can't say enough good things about the positive impact it has on our staff.

As a manager, DesignFacilitator helps me understand how our relationships with our clients are going.
- Cara Phillips LEED AP IIDA, Chief Operations Officer

The system is nimble enough to allow us to request input at a moment's notice.

This process demonstrates to our clients that we care enough about their needs and objectives to ask for their feedback and respond accordingly; it creates a win-win proposition.
- Marc Christopher, Principal

To be honest, I welcome low scores so we can find ways to improve.
- Katie Burnette, Prinicpal

What Designers are saying

DesignFacilitator is a great resource that enables us to perfect our process for our clients.
- Elizabeth Pardue, Project Designer

It sends a message to the client that this firm really cares about the level of service and attention.
- Jason D. Byrd, Intern Architect

The greatest aspect of DesignFacilitator is the knowledge and awareness it gives me – the ability to instantly see where I am excelling and areas where I can improve. This information is crucial because it not only strengthens my individual abilities, but it serves to strengthen my client relationships – the key to good business.
- Kelly E. Nye, Project Designer

Design Facilitator is a great tool to help me understand my clients needs.
- Jessica Bossiere, IIDA, Project Designer / Associate

Design facilitator offers me the ability to tailor my surveys to work with any type of client, and any portion of a project.
- Candace Honeycutt, Designer

DesignFacilitator has given me a great tool to help me fine tune my design process for added benefit to my clients.
- Keri Wilder, IIDA, Associate

The feedback tool helps me build better relationships with my clients. The survey responses I receive either let me know what items to improve on or confirm that my process is helping my client meet their needs.
- Jennifer S. Bissette, IIDA, Project Designer

What Clients are saying

DesignFacilitator is a great resource that enables us to perfect our process for our clients.

The surveys are great. I can give my feedback in five minutes and do my part to keep the project on track.
- Laura Daley, Global Facilities Coordinator

Very easy to get helpful data
- Lisa Fingar, Director of Marketing