Power Of Feedback

Finally, a tool designed and built for design firm owners that uses the incredible power of feedback to allow a firm to refine and enhance its value to clients.

DesignFacilitator's Client Feedback Tool helps your firm collect and incorporate feedback from your clients. Client feedback allows a firm to understand how to fine-tune their performance for maximum benefit. Our patent pending process builds client awareness of the designer's true value, resulting in client loyalty and long term firm prosperity.

Feedback Reduces Waste

A 2005 Construction Specifications Institute study of designers, their clients and builders revealed that the largest problem that clients and builders had with designers focused on waste.

  • wasted time
  • wasted efforts
  • wasted money

No designer deliberately wastes time on a client's project. But, when designers do not fully understand their client's goals, needs, priorities and preferences, there is often wasted effort. Discovering this information is often seen by clients as the designer's responsibility, even though there is little time allowed for this in the project schedule. The need exists for a simple, quick, yet powerful solution for the design firm.

Feedback, "The Breakfast of Champions"

Feedback has long been touted as the magic ingredient for successful organizations according to everyone from business efficiency experts to relationship gurus. Ken Blanchard, in his book The Heart of a Leader, calls feedback "The Breakfast of Champions." The reason is simple; incorporating feedback helps us perform at our best, while the very act of asking for feedback proves we are proactive and professional.

Yet, properly collecting and incorporating feedback into an organization is often very difficult. Too often feedback focuses on personal issues and tends to create negative results. Most firms have not found a system which can utilize the vital feedback collected as a powerful tool for improvement. The process is simple, but often very difficult.

But, design firms that use DesignFacilitator's time-efficient, highly-effective Client Feedback Tool can see benefits immediately. Real benefits that strengthen a design firm’s reputation and relationship with their clients. Benefits that pay. Benefits that last.