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Benefits Of Use

Your website says that DesignFacilitator can improve my firm's prosperity. How?
By providing 24/7 access to your client's feedback about their project, DF helps you understand how to refine your process to better meet the needs of your client, thereby increasing your value to the client. As your client confirms your value with their feedback, you can comfortably increase your fees (to match your value).
How will the Tool help my firm be more profitable?
By understanding when your clients think that you are delivering more than expected, more than they paid for, you've identified where and when a fee increase is most palatable. Tracking the value of your work from your client's perspective allows the most precise fee increases with the least likelihood of client pushback. In addition to increasing fees, the Client Feedback Tool allows your designers to reduce wasted effort and unnecessary project costs.
How does the Client Feedback Tool help me reduce liability?
Sending surveys is a proactive step you can take to catch problems early. It allows you to better understand your clients, which reduces the size and likelihood of problems and the possibility of your client taking legal action.
What reports are available about my firm?
You can view survey results by: staff or team, client or project, phase or category Surveys can you help identify: where design fees can be raised where problems are occurring where training is needed who is performing at an excellent level what clients will be most loyal to your firm
How will the Tool help my team leaders?
The Client Feedback Tool assists team leaders by identifying exactly where your designers are creating excellent effects and where your team's challenges lie. Leaders can receive instant email alerts of successful scores (for immediate applause) and problematic scores (for immediate resolution). Designers improve the quality of their work when they know team leaders are paying attention to the feedback from their clients.
What do I have to do to see the benefits of using the software?
You will see the benefits as soon as your surveys are answered. Feedback results allow you to improve your understanding of your client. Once you begin collecting feedback, you will be able to track the trends and see patterns. This knowledge offers benefits for you, your firm and your clients.
What must firm members do to maximize our benefits?
To maximize benefits to the firm, staff members simply send surveys (approximately 2 minutes per survey) and review results as they come back. Firm leaders can review the automatic email alerts (approximately 1 minute each) and customized reports. Any additional follow up is determined by staff as needed.
Will using the Client Feedback Tool force my firm's culture to change?
No. Using the Tool makes collecting and incorporating your client feedback more efficient and effective for your firm. The only likely changes are the improvements to your firm's value to your clients and to your firm's long term prosperity.
What reactions are most typical with clients using the Tool?
Typically, client reactions include: an understanding of the feedback process, appreciation for the Tool's ease of use (2 minute surveys), and respect for your firm's proactive process. Clients benefit from the Feedback Tool's efficient method of making your design firm their expert.

Using The Tool

How soon after purchasing DesignFacilitator can I utilize the Tool?
Immediately after purchase. The Tool is entirely web-based, so there is no software to load on your servers. You can be up and running once trained. The process typically takes 1-2 weeks, based on your schedule availability, but can occur in as little as one day.
How does DesignFacilitator gather and organize feedback?
It gathers the responses from surveys you have sent to clients and team members, and allows you to sort the information by client, job, phase or date. You can also choose the way you view the information: plotted in charts, listed as data, moving averages, bar graphs or pie charts.
When do I send surveys?
DesignFacilitator offers a wide variety of surveys customized to engineers, architects and interior designers to send during or after significant project phases. You decide when to send a survey to request feedback. However, the more often you send surveys, the faster you and your firm reap the benefits.
Will I be able to see the surveys that I send out?
Yes. You select which questions you want to include on a survey and preview it before sending it out to your client.
Can I customize the Client Feedback Tool?
Various means exist for customizing the Client Feedback Tool to best meet your firm's needs. Built-in Tools allow you to brand surveys with your corporate identity and customize your surveys for best results. Users have the ability to fine tune the list of questions on every survey, decide when and to whom to send surveys, and choose how to make the results available.
How much time will I need to spend using the Client Feedback Tool?
Typical time investment for: Design staff – 5 minutes / week Team Leaders – 15 minutes / week Firm Leaders – 15 minutes / week
What happens if I decide to stop using the Feedback Tool?
The extent that your firm uses the Tool during your paid subscription period is up to you. The more the Tool is used, the faster the benefits accumulate for your firm. If you decide to discontinue use entirely, your data will remain available to you until the end of your subscription period. Refunds are not available unless you were denied use of the Tool by circumstances that were under the control of DesignFacilitator.

Technical Details

What are the system requirements for DesignFacilitator?
DesignFacilitator requires internet connectivity. We recommend Windows XP or Windows Vista with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3. DesignFacilitator is web based and works across most standard browsers and operating systems when responding to a survey. Other computers that support industry standards may work, though we do not test or officially support those platforms.
Is my firm's information secure?
Yes. Our Privacy Policy confirms the efforts we make to keep your firm's information from being personally identifiable to others. The information we receive from our partner firms may be used anonymously to identify regional and national industry trends, which we make available to our subscribers.
Does DesignFacilitator work on a Mac?
We do not officially test or support DesignFacilitator on a Mac platform. However, DesignFacilitator is based on common internet standards, and should be functional across most computers, operating systems, and browsers.

Automatic Updates

When will DesignFacilitator updates be available?
DesignFacilitator frequently makes incremental enhancements to the web-based software for the purpose of improving usability and quality. These changes are available immediately to all users upon release. DesignFacilitator will occasionally be inaccessible due to periodic, planned maintenance and upgrades. Maintenance windows typically occur between 3AM-6AM Eastern Time Zone on Fridays and Saturdays. Any maintenance window impacting use of the Tool outside these times will be indicated via email prior to such an event.
Will I have to pay upgrade fees when updates of DesignFacilitator become available?
Once you subscribe to DesignFacilitator, you will automatically receive updates to the software as they become available. Your annual subscription includes access to all standard new features available during your subscription. At times, we may offer optional, premium services for an additional cost.


How much will it cost my firm to use the Tool?
Your annual subscription cost is a per-user fee plus a standard base fee per firm. Rates vary by size of firm. Contact us for exact pricing for your firm. Pricing examples are shown on our costs page. The annual subscription fee for your firm to use the Client Feedback Tool is typically a small percentage of the increased revenue and reduced project cost made possible by using the Tool. Using DesignFacilitator's Client Feedback Tool can help you market more effectively, reduce your firm's problems and legal liability and know how to increase your value and raise your fees.

Training And Support

Does DesignFacilitator offer training in my city?
We offer live online training webinars. On-site training is also available for an additional fee. Please call us to discuss training options.
What should I do if I have a problem with DesignFacilitator?
Contact our helpdesk via live online chat, call us toll free at 866-433-7736, or via email at and we will be happy to help.

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